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According to the social security administration, around 1-in-4 workers may become disabled before they reach retirement age.

Social Security disability is an insurance program designed to provide a safety net to people like you who can no longer work.

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How much will this cost?


In most disability cases, at Dutcher & Paschka PA, we don't get paid unless you collect disability benefits.


We require no down payment or retainer fee to begin representation.  So, there is no cost to you to come see us for a consultation.

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Do I need a lawyer?


The social security administration will tell you that you do not need a lawyer to apply for disability.  That's true.  


What they don't like to tell you, though, is that social security awards benefits to only around 40% of those who apply.  In fact, they reject as many as 3-in-10 applications for technical mistakes.

The attorney's at Dutcher & Paschka PA are experienced working with clients like you who are finding their way through the social security disability process.


It Isn't Welfare


Social security disability benefits are not welfare. 

Throughout your working life, you pay into the social security program.  In return, social security provides retirement benefits and a safety net for those who can't work.


Because you paid into the program every day you worked, your social security disability benefits are similar to insurance on your house or your car.  They are there when you need it. 


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