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Divorce and Child Custody

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Questions about divorce

Most of our clients come in for the first time with one big question, "What happens in a divorce?"  Everyone has a friend or family member who thinks they know all about how a divorce works.

However, you need real answers that you can count on.  At Dutcher & Paschka, we can help you sort through your difficult questions and help you understand.

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What about the kids?


Minnesota's rules for child custody and parenting time changed recently and the court system is still working out what all the changes mean.

At Dutcher & Paschka, we can help design a custody and parenting time schedule that is right for you.  

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Do we have to sell the house?


For most families, their house is the largest asset they own.  Deciding what to do with the house, therefore, is one of the most challenging parts of your divorce.

The attorneys at Dutcher & Paschka will work with you to identify creative options to help you keep your house if you can, and to sell it if you must.  

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