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We serve clients in the areas of divorce, custody, child support, bankruptcy, social security disaiblity, and wills, trusts and probate.


A divorce touches on many other areas of the law from real estate, to small business, to custody and parenting time.

At Dutcher & Paschka PA, we understand that everyone's circumstances are different.  We will help you through your questions and uncover solutions that are right for you.  


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Child Custody


Child custody often comes up as a part of a divorce action or separately if mom and dad were never married.


At Dutcher & Paschka PA, we understand that your children are the most important thing in the world.  We work with you to craft solutions in their best interests.


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Dutcher & Paschka, P.A. will serve as your attorney through the difficult process of applying for social security disability. Social Security Disability is a program for people who have worked and paid into the social security system and can no longer perform work due to physical or mental disability. 

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Wills, Trusts and Probate


Drafting a last will or trust is one of the most important financial steps that you can take.  Without a will, you will have no control over what happens with your property after you are gone.


At Dutcher & Paschka P.A., we can help every step of the way, from writing your estate docuements to implementing your plan in probate.  Schedule a free consultation to find out more.

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Dutcher & Paschka, P.A. works in your best interest to guide you through the bankruptcy process.


Generally, a bankruptcy will assess your assets and liabilities and provide protection for some or all of your property. Depending on your financial situation, all your debts may be extinguished without any property being sold or any additional payments being required.